Best Mobile App User Interface 2015, WINNER

HelloooApp is a free app that lets you send and track ready-made messages in one quick go.
Message via HelloooApp, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or SMS.
Just swipe 'n’ send!

Design something that looks good in all situations

HelloooApp has a minimalist design in order to highlight the App's messages using an accurate color palette for each type of message.








User Testing

Best Mobile App User Interface 2015

UI/UX the key of our design

The color palette was one of the elements most thought through and key to repeat in each screen applying the different elements.
Each color has a component from the previous color to make for a smooth transition.

Elements and Forms
We played with geometric elements -lines, circles and bars- and applied the color palette in the same sequence in each screen.

Animation and Navigation
The animation was always at the core of the design of HellooooApp maintaining a horizontal navigation in order to be consistent and make the navigation intuitive for the user.
The animation is subtle and intuitive keeping consistency across the entire App.

Color Notifications
We decided to be very impactful on the notification’s color as we think it’s the most expressive element within the App. Each list has an individual color and the same palette is applied to the notifications.