UX Project Checklist - Transport for New South Wales, App.

Competitive Analysis, Data analysis, User feedback, User stories, User flows, Wireframes, Prototypes, User Testing.

Designing the best experiences focused on professionals.

Our users are the New South Wales professionals as Civil Engineers, Architects, etc.
User experience research was a key component in designing this app. Our comprehensive UX research guided the project from the beginning until the end.

We discovered the content is the key for them; then all the interface have to be minimal and simple giving the first place to content.

Focused on Data Visualisation

Data visualization is a topic extremely relevant to the world of Transports, mainly talking about the future of trains in NSW.
It was the key for us.
As big data becomes ubiquitous across the industry, from connected homes and business to cities, the power to harness and present that data in meaningful, digestible ways is rapidly becoming a superpower. The specific data sets and presents to users in a delightful user experience.

Transport for New South Wales Web and Tablet App

Customer Insights & Ideation
We partnered with a project manager and a lead designer to uncover insights and translate concepts into features that address customer behaviors and motivations.

Experience Strategy & Vision
We created sketches, frameworks, and prototypes to share the vision, design principles, and content strategy. It helped to discover ideas, gain alignment and drive decision making.

Planning & Scope Definition
We defined the product with my project manager partner. We discovered customer goals and balanced business goals. We prioritized and negotiated features for launch and beyond.

Oversight & Coordination
We designed across and collaborated with several developers and their PM partners to translate product features into each platform context.

We designed up and presented works to gain buy‐in from executives and senior stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.